User Experience and Interface Design

Designing interfaces and experiences with bold impact and deep care.

As our world becomes more and more digital, we need products that promote clarity, accessibility, and fairness for users across demographics.

At Manhattan Hydraulics, we specialize in transforming complex problems into tactical product solutions for digital platforms of all shapes, sizes and scales.

How we help

Product Strategy

What does it mean to bring a new product into the world today? Our dedicated product strategists ask the right questions in order to anticipate the needs of an ever-evolving culture, setting us up to design products with longevity and purpose in today’s — and tomorrow’s — market.

Experience Design

Product architecture is idealism manifest. Our designers build your vision into every choice a user makes, creating experiences that are intuitive, fluid, and precise.

Visual Design

A great product is more than a simple series of clicks or taps. Our designers are deeply entrenched in the semiotics and aesthetics of typography, color, and art direction, and we bring all of that together with products that look as nice as they work.

Recent work

Swell needed a fresh documentation site to help developers power their e-commerce sites with Swell.

We designed a powerful documentation site with an integrated search that helps developers find what they need quickly.

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We design product experiences that make the world more navigable, beautiful, and accessible for all.

Our difference

We’re not a traditional agency, and we don’t act like one. Our transparent process and flexible toolkit allow us to work just like an in-house product team.