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Hudson Carbon
Carbon offset marketplace
Hudson Carbon
Carbon offset marketplace


A novel design solution for selecting parcels of land and calculating carbon offsets


A unique, easy to use, map-based purchase interface for a premium carbon offset marketplace


Product design

A satellite image of a field overlaid with a carbon offset purchase verification certificate

Hudson Carbon is a mission-driven organization researching regenerative farming for climate change mitigation. They study how regenerative farming can maximize carbon capture, and sell carbon offsets directly to users from organic farms.

They had initial designs for their carbon-offset purchasing system, but it lacked clarity, and didn't work well on smaller devices. We designed a streamlined, cohesive experience that unified their desktop and mobile experiences.

Visualizing the impact of regenerative farming

While carbon offset markets are becoming more common, their tangible value is often unclear. We created an interface that makes the explicit connection between land parcels used for regenerative farming and the carbon offset by this land.

When a user selects a parcel of land, they can see exactly how much carbon is offset by the plants grown there. By purchasing this parcel, they reward these ecological practices, further incentivizing farmers to pursue regenerative practices.

A carbon offset verification card
Carbon footprint calculator

Understanding their impact

The interface makes the scale of users’ environmental impact understandable in simple terms. They may also share more about their lifestyles to receive a more customized estimate.

Three carbon offset certificates in a row