Embedded Teaming

All the alignment of an in-house team, with none of the time spent hiring.

Your team is laser-focused on growing a business in today’s digital world. But your product needs love and maintenance to sustain that growth and the team is spread too thin to hire and onboard an in-house design team.

We embed our team with yours, working as closely and precisely as the in-house team you’d hire if you could. Together we form a tight-knit, coordinated effort to steward ideas from hunch, to definition, to production.

How we help

Product Strategy

We can’t read your stakeholders’ minds. But by investing in the relationship between your people and ours, our dedicated Product Strategists cultivate comprehensive understandings of how to leverage future products to meet your business goals.

UI/UX Design

Our Product Designers take close direction from your team’s creative leadership, leveraging existing design systems and pushing work to prototypes and demos for approval.

Visual Design

In the end, your product needs to work well and look like it works well. When you work with Hydro, you’re gaining an expert product team with a finger on the pulse of contemporary culture and commerce. We bring a keen sense of color, typography and interaction to our work, which means fewer iterations before your product is ready for today’s consumers.

Recent work

Cocoon is defining the future of modern childcare. We created an e-commerce booking platform, Shopify app, and marketing site for their digital launch.

The result is a brand-new online presence, including a bespoke visual identity, Sanity Studio CMS, and Shopify app for back-end booking management—resulting in millions in memberships and bookings processed since launch.

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Close up photograph of two parents holding their child in their arms interacting with each other
Website showing my current bookings

Embedded teaming means you’ll always have us in your corner.

Our difference

We’re not a traditional agency, and we don’t act like one. Our transparent process and flexible toolkit allow us to work just like an in-house product team.