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An app for groups for whatever you're into, wherever you are.
An app for groups for whatever you're into, wherever you are.


A strategic refresh of the brand and new marketing site to promote discoverability and exploration.


A rich and playful brand identity that utilizes elements from the product along with an expressive website experience that heroes individuals that use Geneva every day.


Website design, brand strategy, brand identity

Geneva is the only chat app that bring your digital world into the physical, empowering people to find likeminded communities in their cities.

We crafted a new visual identity for Geneva with XXIX, with redefined positioning, and a new marketing site that demonstrates how flexible, actionable, and inclusive a chat app can be. It’s where your worlds can talk together.

Geneva is a chat app that can flex to the needs of any community. You can find whatever you’re into, wherever you are. We feature content from flagship Groups across cities right on the landing page.

While the landing experience demonstrates the emotional impact of Geneva’s ability to host a space where anyone can belong, the About page outlines the functional details of the app that makes it all happen. Visitors can get into the finer details of the powerhouse features that make Geneva so flexible with in-context examples of how they work in the app. We center the real people, friends, and communities that makes Geneva special, while creating a venue for the feature set to shine.

Groups are where the magic happens on Geneva. The Discovery experience on Geneva’s site works as a showcase for that magic. Users can quickly find their people via filtering by city and topic, and are immediately met with new opportunities, connections, and fresh starts. It’s a simple, yet hard-working system that makes discovery a seamless process that guides you right into the conversation on Geneva.

Geneva weaves together the digital and the physical via community conversations in the app that turn into IRL hangs. We use product UI across the marketing site as branded moments to showcase how real-life groups connect in Geneva. It’s an own-able and instantly recognizable way to show how intimately connected the URL is to the IRL.

The system of product UI allows us to create a layer of context that can represent different Groups’ topic, location, and personality. We’ve found that there are endless ways to translate this context layer in touchpoints, like out-of-home marketing or social face filters. Geneva meets you where you are.