Manhattan Hydraulics

Manhattan Hydraulics is a down-to-earth digital product studio.

Whether you've got a napkin sketch for something brand new, or a successful product at scale, we'll help you launch simple, intuitive experiences. Our team is collaborative, technically skilled, and adaptive to change; our transparent process and flexible toolkit allow us to work just like an in-house product team.

We focus on three areas: product discovery and strategy, user experience and interface design, and digital brand development. We're excited about innovations in HCI, emerging technologies, social equity and justice, and sustainability.

A screenshot of the five members of Manhattan Hydraulics
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Manhattan Hydraulics

How we work

We value responsibility, transparency, egalitarianism, autonomy, and good vibes.

We work hard to make our studio a great place to be, and care about embodying our values—in our process, practice, and as people.

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Manhattan Hydraulics
Manhattan Hydraulics